Blogging in the Classroom

Presenters: Ellen Adolph, Tim Hamling, Dagmar Ebaugh
Target Audience: Everyone

Location: US Math & Science F171
Times (session is repeated): Session A 9:20-10:10 / Session B 10:20-11:10

(Audience limit: 20)

In this session, three WA teachers will share ways they have implemented blogging to support student learning and communication:

Ellen Adolph, WN Grade 3 - Eagle News at WN
"HEAR YE, HEAR YE, BLOG ALL ABOUT IT!" This year, we "converted" our 8-year-old student-written Eagle News (formerly a printed school newspaper) to blog format. In this session we will share all the news about each step to publishing -- how students brainstorm ideas, write drafts, and post their articles and pictures. Each edition to date has added something new...our most recent addition has added an editorial review board of sixth graders! Also, since blogging is new to our school as a whole, we created a readership contest to encourage response comments from across the school. We have received a very positive response!

Tim Hamling, US English - Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Last year, I used a blog to support my senior classes' study of the novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. We used the blog to study the novel and to allow students in different class periods to exchange ideas. The students were able to choose their own areas of focus/interest as we studied the novel, and the blog allowed students to showcase their learning strengths rather than expose their learning weaknesses. This year's students will continue the project.

Dagmar Ebaugh, US Foreign Language - Blogging in AP French
When I was teaching AP French, my 2006 summer assignment for my rising AP students was to use a blog. They were assigned several readings (in French) in online newspapers. For each article, students had to post descriptions of their reading on the class blog, and comment at least twice on other students' summaries. This worked really well, since the students were scattered around the country for summer camps, etc., but all had access to the Internet. I will share both the archived blog and my grading rubric during the presentation.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website containing an archived series of posts (e.g. articles, news items, commentaries, journal entries, stories, reviews, summaries, etc...), organized by categories (or tags), with a place for readers to leave comments. Readers can subscribe to the blog using RSS. A blog may have one or many authors, and can be about any topic, from personal to educational to professional.

Blogging can provide teachers and students with an authentic opportunity to express themselves, synthesize ideas from many sources, engage in discussion and debate, write for an audience beyond the classroom, reflect on their own learning, teach and mentor others, and connect with peers and experts around the globe. Blogs can be used to support any subject, from Kindergarten to Calculus.

Selected Classroom Blogging Examples

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  • PS Tech Projects

Other Schools/Students
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