Cool Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers & Other Smart People

Presenter: Shelley Paul
Target Audience: Everyone

Location: US Math & Science F273
Times (session is repeated): Session A 9:20-10:10 / Session B 10:20-11:10
(Audience limit: 25)

Shelley will share a selection of fun & free online tools to support classroom learning and creativity. This session offers something for everyone.


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General Web 2.0 Resources

Cool Tools Sampler

  • Google Forms -
    With this amazing feature from Google Docs, you can create a form in minutes. Email a link or embed in a web page. Submissions are automatically saved in a spreadsheet.

  • SimplyBox -
    Create, save organize and share visual collections of web resources. Clip an image or section from a website and "box it." Add comments, invite collaborators, make boxes private or public. Organize your items into as many boxes and containers (sets of related boxes) as you like.

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A Few More Cool Tools We Won't Get To...