Digital Art Across the Curriculum

Presenters: Nicole St. Amand, Nanci Lee, Paul Vogt
Target Audience: K-8 Teachers (?)

In this session, three K-8 art teachers will share technology applications and projects from their art classrooms that have interdisciplinary components and/or are applicable to many curriculum areas.

Nicole St. Amand, PS
Displaying and Publishing digital pictures to meet content objectives using web 2.0 tools. Pictures can be used in teaching and displaying student work. Examples will include photostory for geometry, picture books, and voice threads. There will be something for everyone to explore.

Nanci Lee, LS
Fourth grade art: Symbols in art through storytelling. Introducing and showcasing lessons like Shadow Puppets using Voice Thread.
1. Dry erase animation shorts - A collection of cause and effect and morphing animation.
2. Stop motion short film - In order to promote our recycling program and dispel confusion about what is "not" supposed to go in these bins students had to come up with an engaging film promoting recycling as the cool thing to do.
Tools: Stop Motion Pro software and a DV camcorder.

Paul Vogt, MS
Digital Art Across the Curriculum
Session Description – Monday, 16 March

Mr. Paul Angelo Vogt will focus on digital project/story presentations with an emphasis on Window’s Photo Story 3 (a free download) for XP computers. PS3 is a wonderful, easy-to-learn tool applicable to various disciplines with access to digital scans and photographs. Very similar to a photo slideshow, PS3 allows narration, music composition, and image editing. The presentation will include 1) intro description, 2) basic steps of creation, and 3) MS student projects (science and history). Limited commentary will cover other forms of digital imaging such as Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Window XP Movie Maker, and Adobe Premiere (video).

Other Project Examples?

Selected Free Image and Animation Tools

Pivot Stick Figure Animator -

Photo Story 3 -- __

Further Resources

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