The Mathematical Menagerie of Technology

Presenters: Paula Gentry, Stacey Sandifer, Lateefah Id-Deen, Carri Carver, Paul Myers, US
Target Audience: Middle and Upper School Math Teachers and other Math Nerds

Location: US Math & Science F272
Time (this is a double session): 9:20-11:10
(Audience limit: 20)

The Mathematical Menagerie of Technology will include four presentations:
  • Senteos - A smart way to assess your students’ learning?
  • Sensors & Fathom - Collect and analyze real-time motion, light intensity & temperature data.
  • Scribe Posting - What is a wiki, why would I want to use one with my students and how do I set one up?
  • Sketchpad - Investigative activities to inspire the independent learner.

Scribe - posting on a class wiki.

A wiki is a web-based page or collection of pages which can be created, edited and viewed using a web-browser. Access to a wiki can be completely open, as in Wikipedia, or editing rights can be restricted to members as in my class wikis.Click here for more, general information about wikis,

Scribe-posting is a term coined by Darren Kuropatwa, our keynote speaker, to describe the project he introduced to his math classes several years ago. Every day a student in each class is given the responsibility of summarizing the material covered during class on a wiki or blog and to choose the scribe for the following day. The goals of the project include students learning about Web2.0 tools and writing about mathematics, skills essential to the 21st century student. This school year I embarked on a similar project with my AP Calculus classes and last year I dipped my toe into the Web2.0 world with my BC Calculus class as they created a review wiki for the BC Calculus exam. During this session, I will share with you the successes and disappointments I have encountered along the way.

Darren's class blogs:
AP Calculus
Applied Math

My Class Wikis
2007-8 BC Calculus Review
2008-9 AP Calculus Scribepost wiki

Geometry Honors Class Wiki

Geometer's Sketchpad: