Senteo (Student Response System) in the Classroom

Presenters: Anne Wright, Danise Fields, Amber Player
Target Audience: Everyone

Location: US Math & Science F176
Times (session is repeated): Session A 9:20-10:10 / Session B 10:20-11:10
(Audience limit: 20)

In this session, three WA teachers will present ways they have implemented Senteo handheld student response systems (i. e. "Clickers"):

Anne Wright, PS First Grade
My first graders love Senteo! It is a system that lets you develop your own tests using the Smartboard and individual clickers for each child. I will show you how I use them to test almost ANYTHING!! The software is easy to learn and hardware is fun for kids to use! Even your most reluctant student will be motivated by this technology. If you can use a Smartboard, Senteo is a breeze!

Danise Fields, LS Science
Learn how to use Senteo handhelds to instantly assess students with informal reviews, short on-screen assessments, or longer written tests. Emphasis is on science for middle grades, but techniques are applicable for all grade levels and subjects. Learn how to create customized assessments including images and find out exactly how easy it is to use these handhelds!

Amber Player, US Foreign Language
I will demonstrate several uses of Senteo in the classroom, and explain some of its applications, including concept review, in-class practice, and student assessment. I will also explain the impact that Senteo has had on my students' motivation in various classroom activities, as well as my own ability to assess and encourage classroom participation.

What is Senteo?

"The Senteo interactive response system includes handheld wireless remotes (or clickers), a receiver and powerful assessment software that allows you to create tests and manage, track, and evaluate the results. Senteo software guides you through every task with intuitive prompts, clear directions and direct links. You always know what step you’re on and where to go next. Best of all, it seamlessly integrates with SMART Notebook software, giving you all the tools you need to design engaging and interactive test material."

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