Skype in the Classroom

Presenters: Cindy Bode, Kristine Sadusky, Debbie Stephens
Target Audience: Everyone

Location: US Math & Science F175
Times (session is repeated): Session A 9:20-10:10 / Session B 10:20-11:10
(Audience limit: 20)

In this session, WA teachers will present ways they have implemented Skype Internet phone service for audio and video conferencing in the classroom:

Cindy Bode, LS
WWII, Poetry Readings, Book Talks
Take field trips the economical way--use Skype! This session will cover the basic set-up for using Skype, suggestions for conferencing and use across the curriculum, as well as resources for teachers to link up with others using Skype. Video clips of previous Skypes will be shared, such as an interview with a WWII veteran, choral readings with a New Jersey classroom, and Book Talk 'commercials' with a school in California (pending).

Kristine Sadusky, PS
The world is your classroom when you can connect and communicate using Skype! Skype is a free resource that allows educators to go global from their classrooms. In this session we will learn how to set-up a Skype account and look at some of the features this tool offers educators such as chats, calls, conferences, and live videos feeds. This session will focus on using Skype as a tool for collaborative educational projects. We will explore the many potential uses for Skype and demonstrate how this tool can help us work with others both from one side of campus to the other and internationally. Primary school project examples using Skype will be shown, however this session is open to all who are interested, come learn about this fun teaching tool!

Debbie Stephens, WN
Taking history and archeology beyond the pages of our textbook and beyond the walls of our classroom has created a vibrant setting where true learning takes place. This part of the Skype session will show how you can connect to experts around the world and engage your classes so that they want to learn more rather than just getting to the end of the chapter!! Our classes met with Professor Lloyd of Swansea University in Wales. Find out how, when, and why this Skype session was "born"!!!

What is Skype?

Skype -

Skype allows users to make free phone (audio or video) calls over the Internet using a microphone or headset and an optional webcam. Skype conference features allow users to collaborate with up to 25 people. Skype also allows users to share files, chat, and run applications such as desktop sharing and online whiteboards.

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