What's New in SMART Notebook Version 10

Presenter: Nneka Robinson
Target Audience: Everyone

Location: US Math & Science F274
Times (session is repeated): Session A 9:20-10:10 / Session B 10:20-11:10
(Audience limit: 20)

The latest version of SMART Notebook is packed with new and expanded features for the classroom. Both new and experienced Smartboard users will benefit from this overview of SMART Notebook 10.

A few key new features that will be reviewed during this session:

  • Screen capturing
  • Table integration – create tables with integrated text and images
  • SMART Lesson Activities - Download pre-created SMART Board lesson activities
  • SMART Notebook Gallery integration (Saving to "My Content")
  • Page recording – video record your writing/object interactions and save within the slide
  • Fraction maker – automatically convert handwritten fractions to proper digital format
  • Math symbols – improved mathematical notation
  • Video annotation - add notes and create screen captures of video frames as you watch them
  • SMART Document Camera image insertion (for users with SMART brand document camera)