Google & Moodle in the Classroom

Presenter: Tim Hipp, US Computer Science
Target audience: Grades 4-12 Teachers
Location: US Math & Science F276
Time (this is a double session): 9:20-11:10

(Audience limit: 20)

My presentation will highlight practical uses of Google and Moodle technologies in your WA classroom.

In my Technology and Individuals seminar course, students use Google Sites to collborate on a annotated bibliography of our multiple texts. Going beyond a wiki, they write summaries, link appropriate YouTube videos, insert images, and author a Timeliner timeline. This topic may be especially relevant to history teachers interested in supplementing their texts with student research.

In my Digital Media course, each student creates a Google Site that incorporates blogs, Web pages, digital video production using Flip cameras), podcasts, and digital storytelling projects. Almost every project is created using open source or free software (Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, etc.). This topic may be especially relevant to English teachers interested in expanding student portfolios.

My classroom presentations have transitioned to Google Presentations. Sharing notes with all of my students is as easy as sending an email to their student Gmail account. All of my courses collaborate on an article review study guide using Google Documents. I share my review questions with them as a viewers, they self-police the creation of the study guide as collaborators. This is applicable to any teacher that wants to spend less time producing/reviewing study guides.

Using these Google technologies requires a more robust tool than Edline. Enter Moodle. A university-level course management system, I've been using Moodle for years to deliver my digital content to students. See how this Woodward-approved technology can help you schedule a semester or year-long course, distribute PDFs, collect assignments, conducts surveys, monitor online discussions, and communicate with your students. This topic may be especially relevant to any teacher frustrated with Edline.

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