Blogs for Social Studies

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website that can be online journals, diaries, or interactive logs. Blogs can be used to record science labs, student poetry, historical journals, and more. A blog may contain text, graphics, photos, audio, video, and other media elements. Blogs can be for classes or single authors, who can open them up for comments from other members of the group or anyone who visits the blog.

Blogs in Plain English from Common Craft

Uses for Blogs in the Classroom

  • Improve student literacy and learning:
  • Improve writing while students enjoy interactive publishing
  • Encourage students to express, criticize, collaborate and share
  • Allow wider participation, opens up reluctant learners
  • Helps facilitate collaboration for activities and projects
  • Broaden the set of tools and techniques students can use to gather, analyze and interpret data
  • Create anywhere, anytime learning opportunities
  • Students can submit and review work online
  • Post homework assignments and classroom activities
  • Schedule events and field trips online
  • Manage, present and store information easily
  • Involve Parents
  • Offers insight into classroom activities
  • Exhibit student work and presentations
  • Showcase awards and accomplishments of students
  • Provide students with a Authentic Audience
  • Students are motivated by potentially large audience
  • Increased motivation with peer-editing and easy collaboration in group projects

Examples of Blogs


Blogging Resources