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What is Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public Web site and “tagging” them with keywords. Bookmarking,on the other hand, is the practice of saving the address of a Web site you wish to visit in the future on your computer. To create a collection of social bookmarks, you register with a social bookmarking site, which lets you store bookmarks, add tags of your choice, and designate individual bookmarks as public or private. Social bookmarking makes sure wherever you are you can access important sites you have bookmarked. One of the most popular social bookmarking site is Delicious, others include Simpy and Furl.

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What is Delicious

Delicious is a collection of favorites - yours and everyone else's.

What can I use Delicious for?

  • Research - Writing an article or report? You can keep up with all the resources you find online. Use a tag like "ustermpaper."
  • Wishlist - Go to any commerce site, find what you like, save it to Delicious and tag it as wishlist. Then you can tell people to check out your wishlist bookmarks by giving them a link to
  • Podcast - Want to hear some great podcasts? Visit the system:filetype:mp3 tag combination and start listening. Click here for more info on tags from Delicious.
  • Vacation - Planning a trip? Save links to hotels, activities, and transportation and use tags like "travel", "vacation", and "to-visit". Collaborate with friends and family by using the "for:username" tag or use the location as a tag, i.e... Colorado.
  • Cookbook - Whenever you find a great recipe on a website, save it to Tag it with the recipe's ingredients or style of cooking, and then when you're wondering what to make for dinner; you can use your saved bookmarks to help you remember the perfect recipe, e.g. chocolate cake.
  • Collaboration - Friends, coworkers, and other groups can use a shared account, special tag, or their Delicious networks to collect and organize bookmarks that are relevant -- and useful -- to the entire group.

What are tags?

Tags are one-word descriptors that you can assign to your bookmarks on They're a little bit like keywords but non-hierarchical. You can assign as many tags to a bookmark as you like and easily rename or delete them later. Tagging can be a lot easier and more flexible than fitting your information into preconceived categories or folders.

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